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Too Much Like the Food Replicator for Me
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I fondly remember watching Star Trek with Captain Kirk and later with Captain Jean Luc Picard. Those guys knew how to travel! As much as I wanted someone to “beam me up” I wanted a food replicator even more.

These were the days before I knew how to cook. Cooking was certainly not my mother’s favorite activity; so when I wanted to eat something exotic or time consuming the answer was rarely yes. A food replicator would been a dream come true. I could walk up to the device (which looks suspiciously like a microwave) and ask for anything, anything at all, and it would appear.

At some point I wondered, how do they stock all the ingredients to make this happen? I mean they travel all over space; they rarely dock; and they are so busy fighting for the triumph of good over evil that when they do visit a planet that there’s little time for stocking up on supplies. So where did the ingredients for Vulcan pie and chicken Kiev come from? Now I know; Soy!! It wasn’t real food, it was soy food.

I’ve recently realized that the soy movement is an evil plot to replace real food with fake food. I am about to use all caps because this is important. SOY IS SOY, IT IS NOT CHEESE, IT IS NOT TURKEY, IT IS NOT A HOTDOG, IT IS SOY. It’s actually a bean.

Soy can be a wonderful addition to your diet, it’s inexpensive, low in fat and high in protein. It has many health benefits. But it’s soy and I wish the soy evangelists would stop trying to make everyone else feel like monsters for eating real food.

I just read this article on childhood obesity and efforts to cure it. I was appalled at the phrase “mock egg salad” which is being suggested for school menus. (soy based egg replication) Eggs are not the enemy! Fake Food got us into this mess, new Fake Food is only going to create new health problems.

Healthier school lunches are indeed the place to begin. People no longer grasp nutrition and even if they know they need 5 servings of fruit and vegetable they don’t know how to serve it because the art of cooking is becoming something of a historical novelty in many families. And these days, rare is the school cafeteria that actually cooks vs. reheats food.

My grandmother worked in the school cafeteria when I was growing up. She was the baker. I fondly remember visiting her at work and she would be making bread dough from flour milk eggs yeast etc. From raw ingredients. The smell was heavenly! I remember visiting her some years later and she was very excited — a pre-measured bag of dry ingredients had arrived; she didn’t have to measure anymore. Later, as I was about to start high school, they eliminated actual baking in her kitchen. She was now reheating french toast for the school breakfasts, reheating chicken globs (nuggets) for lunch — all she was doing was re-heating. She quit the next year because the joy in the job was gone. More disturbing though; we didn’t realize it; was that the nutrition was gone from the food. That’s what happens when you create Fake Food.

People no longer cook at home. If they eat at home, mostly they rehea. They rely on prepared meals, either frozen or dried/canned; food in a box. Food in a box is Fake Food, it’s the closest thing we have to a food replicator. Fake food is convenient and shelf stable. Honestly I do love a box of mac and cheese now and again; but as the exception, not the rule. Fake Food will fill you up, but it won’t provide much nutrition. It is however likely provide about 5 times the sodium you should eat, and the manufacturers add chemical coatings to keep things crisp, flavor stabilizers, sugar and lots of other stuff you can’t pronounce. You get to eat all of that as an added bonus. The same is true of frozen meals, in order to make the sauces microwave without breaking they use food additives (marketing speak for chemicals, but it sounds better the other way). In order to retain flavor they use fixers. (*note — frozen vegetables without sauce don’t fit into this category)

The causes of childhood obesity are clear. Kids have XBox, PlayStation, IM, Internet and about 500 other things that didn’t exist when we were kids. They no longer go outside and play, they stay in the house on the couch. This coupled with the fact that nobody cooks anymore — at school or at home so the foods are stuffed with sugar and chemicals causes obesity (in adults and children). Restaurants with a drive-thru serve the cheapest forms of meat possible — typically the fattiest. Meals at home are reheated from the freezer or prepared out of a box with the addition of water and butter — FAKE FOOD. Fake Food = Health problems.

FAKE FOOD is filled with things your body does not want or need. When you eat this junk, you get more than you bargain for. Dyes, preservatives, fixers. TRASH. All of this stuff is added to replicate the flavors achieved through actual cooking with fresh ingredients.

Fake food isn’t necessarily cheap — though that’s the perception. I remember a recent meal I made for Bill and I — I wanted Golden Arches because I didn’t want to cook or clean. He HATES the arches. So, I ended up buying a sirloin steak and some spinach. Our meal was less than the cost of two “value meals” and we had good quality food. (and it took about 15 minutes to make — less time than driving to The Arches)

Eating meat is not the central cause of obesity, lack of exercise and FAKE FOOD is the cause of obesity.

We’ve already relied on Fake Food to create a huge set of health problems likely to plague an entire generation. Why are we trying this again? Who knows what the side effects of this well intentioned movement will be…..

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  1. I so agree! Gross!

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