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Dinner Impossible!
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So there I was, it was Friday night. I glass of wine in hand warming my soul, friends around me warming my heart and I was making dinner for them (Chicken Vesuvio). As an extra special treat I was in my friend’s kitchen which is like cook’s LoL nirvana. All was good.

The last couple arrived and we were off to a great evening. Then the question came — “Hey Dawn, how busy are you tomorrow?” If you spend much time with us you learn never to give a direct answer to any question. Answering “yes” to “Hey Dawn, do you like the color blue” Could land you painting a house blue.

So I replied with our standard — “Why do you ask?”

“Well, I have about 20 people coming over tomorrow for a gaming party and I was wondering if you would cook for them.”

First I was Very flattered that my friends would want me to cook for their friends and secondly I don’t really know how to say “No.” So there I was, Friday night, head full of wine, no game plan and a need to have dinner for 20 delivered to her house by 3:30 the next day.

I didn’t sleep much that night because I kept waking up wondering what the menu would be, and didn’t have my arm pillow that night either. We’d talked about baked Ziti — so that was easy — except I had to make the sauce which needed to simmer. But what else … I wanted to make sure everyone would be able to find something they wanted to eat and play. I ended up with a big green salad, roasted squash, Baked Ziti, Garlic Bread and Chicken Marsala. I also threw in a banana cake that I had just read the recipe for a few days ago on another blog I follow “Fridge Full of Food and Nothing to Eat”

I got up in the morning, sipped some coffee, went to the store , came home, turned down the AC so I wouldn’t die and started cooking. That kitchen was humming. I was truly surprised with online gaming at how much fun I had. It was like having a dinner party, but not having to clean up! Again, guess who forgot to take a picture!

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Everything turned out great! You have to try this banana cake — MMMMMMM

As we drove off — My dear husband said — you are just like that Dinner Impossible guy — without the tatoos!

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