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Another Reason to Cook at Home
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I just saw a blog post on Fridge Full of Food, “This may make you queasy” that reminded me that eating at home not only allows me to control seasoning and ingredient quality ensuring I eat what I want, but … it also means that I’m not consuming stupid calories. She has listed the calorie and fat content of popular restaurant chain dishes.  For example, Chicken and Biscuits at the Cheesecake factory is a whopping 2500 calories!

I need to save some calories for wine — this is  very critical information to me!

Check out Glenna’s Blog.  She has some great recipes too.

Later tonight I’ll post about my latest foray into Paris Bistro Cooking, if the last meal (Coq au Vin) was a first class trip, this felt more like coach — wasn’t “bad”  just not running to make it again.


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  1. I am with you totally….I drink almost every dinner (except I am ill or the problem with stomach again), actually drink before dinner…I save the “space” for wine….
    Thanks for the friendship request.

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