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SushiSamba Hosting “IRON Bartender” competition
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SushiSamba is celebrating it’s 10th birthday on the Las Vegas Strip with “Muddle, Shake and Pour” the “Ultimate” cocktail competition. On Friday July 24 from 1 – 4 p.m. 20 contestants will compete and observers are welcome.  Looks like a fun event. The contestants will receive 10 standard bar ingredients plus one Leblon ingredient. Leblon makes Cachaca, a Brazilian sugar cane based spirit used in Caipirinha’s.  I’m not sure how SushiSamba is blending sushi with Latin culture, but if it can be done anywhere it can be done in Las Vegas.

In the first round contestants have 15 minutes to develop the best cocktail.  Judges will select the contestants that will proceed to round two where they will have 20 minutes to prepare a new cocktail.  The winner receives Glory! Fortune! (in the form of a $500 gift card to SushiSamba) and Fame! (their winning drink will be the official sambatini SushiSamba in August 2009). I’m told there will also be treats for the crowd too, but no specifics.

Sounds a lot like an Iron Chef.  I chose to write about it because I like the idea of a secret ingredient.  If I were going to be in Vegas I would absolutely check out this event, but alas, I’ll be at the Wine Bloggers Conference.  If you go, let me know, maybe you can be a guest blogger on whineaux!

If you want to compete or know more about attending  Call the restaurant (702)607-0700

SushiSamba is at 3327 Las Vegas Blvd.in the Shoppes at the Palazzo

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