Jul 20

If you follow me on Twitter, you know Thursday was that magical day that one of our wine club shipments arrived.  Included was the Rock Gate Merlot.

Separately I had been craving BBQ chicken so Sunday we invited some friends over, I made antipasto salad, corn bread, BBQ chicken and then we had a chocolate cake.

Two of our dear friends came over and brought our dog Bernardo’s brother Bailey.  There is nothing that makes me laugh more than watching the “wieners”as we call them play.

This wine carried us through all courses.  It’s a light fruity wine; exactly what you’d expect from a Merlot,  There was a typical taste of berries and cherries.  Additionally I picked up a hint of charred wood, though I don’t believe this wine is oak aged so the flavor came from somewhere else.  The wine also had a bit of a pepper in the background which made it the perfect pairing for  BBQ.  What the wine thankfully did not have was a taste of alcohol or high tannin.

This wine retails for about $13.00 and shouldn’t be hard to find.  If you don’t find it locally, you can order online here: Vinesse

2 Responses to “Rock Gate Merlot and BBQ, the Perfect Sunday”

  1. “the magical day” of the wine club shipment arrival – love that. We also get VERY excited when our wine shipments arrive!

  2. Wine shipment days are the BEST! I also got a laugh out of picturing your “wieners” playing!


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