Aug 5

I am so behind on my blogging because of the wine bloggers conference and a very packed work schedule which pays the bills so I can write!  I apologize for the long delay between posts…

I have so many things I want to report from the Wine Bloggers Conference, that will for certain be another post because I want to get it right but I’d really like to thank the Winemakers of Sonoma and Napa County who made the conference an amazing success.  I learned a great deal and had a fabulous time!

At the end of our trip we spent the weekend in San Francisco, my husband’s 17 year old son is moving in with us this weekend, so the idea of quality time appealed to me.  While in San Francisco we stayed at the JW Marriott which was a great hotel with a very service oriented staff.  The location was central to everything we did for the weekend including dinner at Fino’s.

I first visited Fino’s about a year ago on the recommendation of the hotel concierge.  I have to admit, as I approached the place I thought it was a bit suspect.  It’s tucked away in the lobby of the Andrew’s Hotel which is in much need of a make-over.  However on that night I was cold and so I went in, and I am SO happy I did.

North Beach is known as the place to go for Italian food, but this gem of a restaurant makes their own sauces by hand, they make the pasta in-house, the soups are freshly made; (you guessed it) in-house.  And the menu prices are extremely reasonable.

I ordered the minestrone soup which was ordinary.  I think it was too early in the evening and it hadn’t had the opportunity to develop it’s flavors correctly.

For entrees my husband had the Linguine alla Bolognese (Linguine with meat sauce) and I had the Fettuccine con Prosciutto e Funghi (Fettuccine in a light tomato cream sauce with mushrooms and prosciutto)  Both of us loved our entrees and swapped plates halfway through so we could taste each other’s dish.

The highlight of the meal was dessert; Zabaglione with fresh straberries.  Zabaglione is an Italian custard made with egg yolks, sugar, lemon and Madeira wine.  They let me go into the kitchen to see the dish being prepared.  I’ve seen this lots of times on television, but never in person.  Mario the chef made it in a huge copper bowl directly over the burner (instead of a double boiler).  He made it look easy — which is the real trick.  I think I’m going to try it at home with amaretto.

Our waiter was extremely attentive, we were never forgotten about nor were we ever rushed.  After our meal we went up to the bar to watch the action in the tiny kitchen a little longer.

If you are In San Francisco I highly recommend you try Fino — it’s not far at all from Union Square and it’s a meal many visitors miss out on.

Fino Ristorante
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San Francisco, CA

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  1. Very cool! My brother lives in SF so I will make sure to include this on my list of stops during my next visit!


  2. wow. the prosciutto dish sounds absolutely amazing. i am looking up that recipe right now, thanks Dawn! 🙂

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