Aug 23

Like all of us, I try to make healthy food choices.  I don’t eat junk food,  I select fresh local ingredients over frozen or processed food.  My eating destinations are locally owned and operated restaurants.  I’d NEVER even think to go to a Harley Davidson dealership for a lunch … In fact I didn’t even know they had cafes.

Imagine my surprise when I received a press release from Harley Davidson touting Chef Travis Taylor’s new state farm menu.  I almost hit delete, except it included a recipe for a corn dog casserole.  Corn dogs are indeed my guilty pleasure (I like to pretend I only have one but … that’s another post).  But they have to be made fresh I can taste freezer from a mile away and I DO NOT LIKE IT.  The biggest down side of fresh corn dogs is that they are deep fried and therefore so greasy I usually cannot finish one.  Chef Taylor’s casserole has all the flavors of a corn dog and none of the deep frying.  I received the message while traveling for business and I had to wait until I was back to make it.

It was super easy to make and took about 20 minutes of active cooking time.  The sage and celery brought a grown-up distinction while staying true to the childhood corn dog memory.  Pre-browning the hot dogs helped release some of the fat.  You could easily use turkey hot dogs and reduce the fat further.  I used Hebrew National because they don’t have by-products.

Depending on how many people in your family I think you could easily cut this in half.  We ate leftovers and still ended up tossing some.  But it was a family hit that is sure to return to the table and I’m absolutely considering a trip to a Motor Cafe to try the rest of the state farm menu which features funnel cakes and cheese curds.

For a printable Recipe click here

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