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POURfect Product Review!
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About two weeks ago I received a set of 6 POURfect bowls, 12 POURfect measuring cups and a POURfect Scrape-a-bowl.  I love having lots of different sized bowls in the kitchen because I believe in the French philosophy of mise-en-place.  I prep and measure (when absolutely necessary) all my ingredients prior to turning on the heat so that as I start to cook the dish I am not distracted chopping or finding a missing spice bottle while the food burns.  Because of this I was expecting to adore the POURfect bowls.  And I did enjoy using them.  I prepared several types of dishes, (cookies, meatloaf, stew, cake) so that I’d use them in a variety of situations.

If you are a baker I think you will love them.  It’s nice to be able to separate the wet ingredients from the dry in bowls that alloy you to easily pour into a stand mixer.  I’ve found myself covered in flour more than once trying to add flour to the mixer from a regular bowl.  The drip-less spout is handy for adding dry and wet ingredients to the mixer.  You can crack all your eggs in the bowl and add them one at a time very easily.  And speaking of cracking eggs each bowl has a ledge right by the handle that perfectly cracks the egg in half.  I have to be honest when I saw that feature pointed out on the documentation I was skeptical of it’s importance but after using it — it’s nice.  It’s almost like slicing the egg in half.

One thing I didn’t like about the bowls was the measurement marking.  They are raised in the plastic in the back of the bowl.  There’s no additional color so they are really hard to read and not useful in practice.  You’ll still need your measuring cups (dry and wet)  the only real use was for eyeballing.  The other issue I had with the bowls was using them in prep putting ingredients like aromatics in they were difficult to remove because they were too big to go through the spout.

The bowls are priced at $15 – $40.00 MSRP depending on which set.

The next item included was a set of 12 measuring spoons.  I’m not sure if they were trying to be cute; but they included a spoon for drop, dash, smidgeon and pinch.  The result is 4 unnecessary spoons in the set which clunk around my already packed kitchen gadget drawer.  They do have English and metric measurements which is helpful if you have cookbooks from Europe.  Their shape makes it easier to get them in some spice bottles and they’ll be durable.  But all in all I think there are too many spoons on the ring.  The measuring spoons are $12.00 MSRP.

Last but not least, in fact my favorite is the Scrape-a-bowl mixer attachment.  The attachment is available for KitchenAid 4.5 Tilt head ($40.00 MSRP), KitchenAid 5 Artisan ($40.00 MSRP), KitchenAid 5qt Bowl Lift ($42.00 MSRP), and KitchenAid 6qt Bowl Lift ($42.00 MSRP)

I love this product.  The one they sent me is red and white.  I used it to make meatloaf and a cake.  It perfectly scraped the bowl no lumps of ingredient on the bottom.  One of my pet peeves (in fact the only pet peeve I had about my stand up mixer) was the paddle attachment and having to stop and scrape, now I don’t have to.  I think if you only add one thing to yoru kitchen — this should be it.

If you’re interested in buying POURfect products, please visit Shop POURfect

Video of me using an immersion blender to make cake frosting  Click here to watch (1:46)

Video of me unpacking the POURfect Samples (mine are red, prettier than the white) Click here to watch (1:18)

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  1. I should really do a better job measuring (I guess that’s why I’m not a good baker!)… These cups could be helpful…

  2. Love them and they make my clean up so much less of a chore.
    I found the best price for the larger bowl sets at this web site.

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