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The Big Let Down (Kale)
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Kale Encompassed Meatloaf

Kale Encompassed Meatloaf

Luckily, It’s been a while since I had one of those meals that I looked forward to with great anticipation only to feel let down.  Because in this blog I promised to write about the good the bad and the ugly; I feel compelled to share this experience.  I think this was just the “boring.”  And to be honest, I think it was my fault (kind of).

As you may already know, I grew up in a house where at least 3 nights a week we ate at an establishment that featured a drive through and  a cartoon character spokesperson.  I have odd food memories like I remember in high school making burgers at a friend’s house and she used real cheddar cheese (as opposed to individual wrapped slices of american cheese food), I was stunned that you could do that!  Useing the cheese food wasn’t mandatory!

The first time I had kale, was also the first time I had a crab cake (I’m telling you — sheltered life).  I was in my early 20’s, had my first real job, and I was treating myself to drinks and appetizers at a fancy place.  The crab cakes were served on this hearty peppery green (obviously kale)  I was obsessed.  I didn’t yet cook well, but I made it a point to seek out kale and even cook it at home. Somewhere along the way I forgot about Kale.  I think it was when I moved to Orlando from California and my access to quality produce was swiftly curtailed.

Last month I saw an article about Kale written by Molly Wizenberg in Bon Appetite. Molly, unlike me, originally had an aversion to Kale until a friend cooked it for her.  She writes so well that I could taste it and I had to have it!  I looked around my local supermarkets and farmer’s markets for leaf kale.  All I could find was bagged pre-cut kale.  Which isn’t innately bad, it just meant I couldn’t’ remove the stems. (the lack of good produce is the part that makes it only partially my fault)

I relented, I bought the bagged kale and tried to recreate the crispy lemon finished kale Molly described.  But because I couldn’t get rid of the stems I had tough chewy greens that I meanly made my family eat and begrudgingly choked down myself .  This was not the flavor or texture I had anticipated.

You can substitute ingredients, but not quality.  I will make kale again, but not until I find big leaves of it and I can remove the stems (which reminded me of shoestrings)

At least it looked like a balanced meal on the plate.  (that’s a bacon wrapped meatloaf as the centerpiece — I figured what the heck — all those healthy greens, we deserve some bacon!)

Hopefully next time I write — I’ll have a happy ending!

Until then, I’ll drown my sorrows in some Seven Artisans Meritage (waiting for my shipment to arrive!)


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  1. Yum. The dish looks incredible!
    I love reading your posts. They are so enjoyable.

  2. OH kale, One of those things that tastes much better with lots of butter, bacon or oil. Sort of defeats the purpose but there you have it.

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