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Vampire Wine – Quality Marketing not Wine
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Sigh.  I knew better when I bought it.  But it seemed like such a fun Halloween purchase.  I love holidays, I love kitsch and I love wine.  I was on a high.  I thought it would be a fun wine to take to friends’ houses when we go over for dinner, for this we want the best decoration for our houses, and the use of hand knotted rugs could be really helpful with this.  Including shipping I paid roughly $20 per bottle.  For $20 a bottle there is a LOT of good wine out there.  This sadly is not one of them.  I would never take this wine to someone else’s house or open it for a guest.

Yesterday I said we were going to try the merlot, but we decided to open the Cab because we were having Bolognese sauce so I thought it would stand up better.  This wine is so flat it couldn’t stand up with an easel.

It has a nice promising dark purple color in the glass.  This must have come from somewhere other than the grapes.  On the nose I smelled …. weak wine.  No blackberry, spice, oak or anything other than weak wine.  Sadly, the taste confirmed the nose.  One note — fruity sweet wine, no spice, no oak, no wood no cherry, just muddled fruity wine.

It’s not unpalatable, it’s just not good.  There are plenty of $20 wines that are great and many $10 wines that are superior to this.  One of my favorite reds in the $20 range; Carmel Road Pinot Noir

So there you have it, I’m whining about wine today.

Tonight: Dinner at Bistro de Paris to celebrate our anniversary!

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  1. Ah what a disappointment. But cool label!!

  2. Sorry to hear…It does have a really cool name.

    By the way, my girlfriend made the same rolls today and loved them also. I am glad you enjoy them so much….

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  4. Agree. Cool label, but delivers a dismal bite.

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