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Vampire Wine – Quality Marketing not Wine
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Sigh.  I knew better when I bought it.  But it seemed like such a fun Halloween purchase.  I love holidays, I love kitsch and I love wine.  I was on a high.  I thought it would be a fun wine to take to friends’ houses when we go over for dinner.  Including shipping I paid roughly $20 per bottle.  For $20 a bottle there is a LOT of good wine out there.  This sadly is not one of them.  I would never take this wine to someone else’s house or open it for a guest.

Yesterday I said we were going to try the merlot, but we decided to open the Cab because we were having Bolognese sauce so I thought it would stand up better.  This wine is so flat it couldn’t stand up with an easel.

It has a nice promising dark purple color in the glass.  This must have come from somewhere other than the grapes.  On the nose I smelled …. weak wine.  No blackberry, spice, oak or anything other than weak wine.  Sadly, the taste confirmed the nose.  One note — fruity sweet wine, no spice, no oak, no wood no cherry, just muddled fruity wine.

It’s not unpalatable, it’s just not good.  There are plenty of $20 wines that are great and many $10 wines that are superior to this.  One of my favorite reds in the $20 range; Carmel Road Pinot Noir

So there you have it, I’m whining about wine today.

Tonight: Dinner at Bistro de Paris to celebrate our anniversary!

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  1. Ah what a disappointment. But cool label!!

  2. Sorry to hear…It does have a really cool name.

    By the way, my girlfriend made the same rolls today and loved them also. I am glad you enjoy them so much….

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  4. Agree. Cool label, but delivers a dismal bite.

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