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You may call me “Chef Whineaux”
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I briefly considered demanding to be called “Legendary Chef Whineaux”  but that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, so I can live with “Chef Whineaux.”  However I prefer you refrain from using tones of mockery when you address me.

This weekend I completed an insurmountable task.  I achieved a perfect score on all 35 days of service in Hell’s Kitchen Wii. Therefore the Whineaux was bestowed the title of legendary chef. My family is stubbornly refusing to comply with addressing me by my newfound status.  I’ll laugh last when I make a casserole for one for dinner tonight.

I thought this game was really fun to play, it was as exciting as getting boosters from p4rgaming.com for my video games.  It was more of a brain test than I expected going in.   You had to time meals by putting ingredients in the pan or oven in the right timing so they all finish at the same time.  Sometimes ingredients are used across multiple dishes and you have to prep them and add in order to ensure that nothing finishes too much slower than the rest of the table.  If you make Gordon really mad, he’ll “Shut it down” and tell you to “Never touch another thing in this kitchen”.  More than once Gordon called me a “Stupid Donkey”  but I decided that if Dave could win the real Hell’s Kitchen with one arm in a cast, then I could practice and make it through the Wii version.

I understand that they censored Gordon Ramsay’s infamous use of the F word to get a family friendly rating however I would not let my young kid play this game, it’s no mystery what he’s saying just because the “u” is oddly silent “F-ck me senseless”  To be honest, I’d rather they just left the language alone.  But that’s just me — anyone who watched my fire video knows I like to swear.  It’s in the Beef Daube Post.

I’d play it again!  I found I did much better when drinking meritage than cabernet sauvignon.  I have no rational explanation for that.  One night was Stella Artois — and that was effective as well.

What cooking games do you like to play?

3 Responses to “You may call me “Chef Whineaux””

  1. Hail Legendary Chef!

    Haha! I think we must have been separated at birth. This is why I don’t have a Wii – because I would be a bit obsessive (and competitive) about it. Good for you – I have a lot of admiration for your dedication! I have the Top Chef game which is ok but it’s more like a test of your agility than cooking skills…

  2. Very impressive Chef Whineaux!

    I know now what I’ll be buying my sister-in-law for Christmas this year. She’s totally addicted to HK and salivates for Chef Ramsey.

    BTW – Laughed my arse off at your “Hells Kitchen YouTube Moment” – (Burning off the alcohol). Great stuff. Also loved that you cooked everything with only one big pot.

    Love the site and keep up the great work!

  3. Thanks so much. I’m not a fan of dishes at all!

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