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Le Chat qui Peche Restaurant
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When I go to a foreign city, especially Paris or Rome — I walk around with a map in hand and a vague idea of where I am.  I think it’s the best way to experience the city.  Today — I did that in the Latin Quarter in Paris.  My primary destination was the Conciergierie (Revolutionary Prison) on the Ile de la cite.  I had to hurry to get to the museum but luckily it was nearly empty and I was able to see everything quickly.  Then I headed over to the left bank for a snack.  While looking at my guidebook I discovered there were lots of pedestrian streets near me.  So I embarked on a journey.

I was amazed to discover several Fondue and Raclette Restaurants as well as a thriving Greek district.  Last time I was in Paris I was one street away from this wonderland and missed it.  That’s how it goes when you travel.

I stopped in one cafe and had a Kir Royale (I’ll have one every day in Paris – they make me happy) walked around and explored St. Severin which is an amazing cathedral.  I also walked to  St. Julien le Pauvre and then I was back to dinner.  Here’s the nice thing — both of these sites were within minutes of each other by foot.

After perusing countless restaurants, I settled on Le chat qui peche (named after a mid-evil alley it is near)  the restaurant promised classic French food and Raclette.  The waiter was cheerful and kind. The decor classic French – perhaps a tad overdone, but lovely and it suited me very well.

I first ordered wine (This is a half bottle and that’s how they do it, no by the glass.)  The wine was friendly, fruity but dry.  A nice accompaniment to my inappropriate insistence on having red wine with Raclette.

The first course was Pate Campagne which I adore.  MMM Meat Butter.  How could life get any better?  (see the pat of butter by the conrichons?

Next came the Raclette I had the mixed meats.  As you can see this portion is more for sharing.  I also found the pat of butter on the meat amusing — cheese AND butter AND sausage — decadent!

I was too full for dessert, but I had a wonderful meal.  I would highly encourage you to find this restaurant if you are in Paris.  It is in a bit of a tourist district, near Notre Dame but it was such a fun area and the people were very welcoming.

Le chat qui Peche
10 Rue de la Huchette
75005 Paris


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  2. I know exactly where you were! Not too far from Le Sergent Recruiteur! I miss France and wish I could go back right now… luckily I can live vicariously through your posts… Cheers! 🙂

  3. Oh I can’t WAIT to be in Paris in about a month – I miss it sooo much! I totally know where you were and love that you ordered a kir royale and a half bottle of wine! Enjoy!

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