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An Irish Valentine’s Day
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I have to admit, I was skeptical when I saw the announcement that Celtic Clan was performing for Valentine’s Day on the “Paddy ‘O Bar” at the Celebration Town Tavern .

Valentines Day is quite, it’s “romantic”, it’s well, fussy.  I’ve never thought of it as a day that I’d go hear an Irish band on the patio.  I cannot tell you how much fun I had and how much I am looking forward to seeing them again.

Our Valentine’s Day was spent watching they (very elongated) Daytona 500 with my parents and celebrating my father’s birthday with my Beef Short Ribs Bourguignon and a Genoise cake.  (If you want me to post these recipes please leave comments.  I’m trying to reshape the blog and I’m not sure how much people are liking the recipes)

After they left we went to the Tavern, I was very unsure of what to expect.  But the patio was full of people having a great time, families, young people, couples and singles.  Everyone was having a fantastic time, people walking by changed their direction and came in to enjoy the music.  Instead of an atmosphere of traditional Valentine’s day lace and hearts, this was the romance of having so much fun with your sweetheart that you couldn’t help but reconnect and remember how in love you are.

If you aren’t familiar with the Town Tavern, it’s Boston Fare and a great beer bar with over 99 beers available.  Lucas Widrick is currently making his way through the beer list and blogging about it at www.nighthops.com

They have the BEST seafood here, flown in from Boston.  I’d tell you what my favorite meal is, but it varies by mood (scallops, scrod, haddock, lobster).  Last night I had the twin lobster tails.   Too often lobster tails are warm water (grainy texture) or overcooked.  They are always perfect at the Tavern.  I had a glass of Frie Brothers Chardonnay (Ok, 2) with my dinner.  I love that wine because it’s buttery and has enough acid that it’s great with food.  Bill had the Sam Adams Nobel Pilsner, their current seasonal offering which is becoming a favorite of his — he’s going to miss it when it’s gone.

If you get the chance to visit Celebration I highly recommend you check this place out.

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