Mar 3

I bought this little dandy a couple weeks ago thinking I’d use it to make sauces in my non-stick pans.  It’s cute, heat resistant and safe on non-stick coating — what’s not to like?  After plunking down my $18 and it finally arriving in the mail I couldn’t wait to use it.  So I made Chocolate Pots de Creme.  I learned the answer to my fate tempting question (what’s not to like) the hard way.

The problem is that the tines of the whisk are too flexible to stand up to a thick substance so you are barely stirring and certainly not whisking the ingredients.  I was hugely underwhelmed by this product.  The tines are not strong enough to whip volume into egg whites let alone whisk a heavy sauce.

Whineaux Verdict:  Keep your money!

One Response to “Save Your Money! Kuhn Rikon Rainbow Silicon Balloon Whisk”

  1. Aw that is too bad – it’s so pretty! But for $18, yes I will keep my money!

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