Oct 11

Tomato and Mustard Tart (with approval from Chef de Cuisine, Ratatoulie)

I know I’ve been on a Mexican food bender lately, but French food will always be my first love.  I’m so happy I make it a point to read my friend Mardi’s blog Eat. Live. Travel Write, because she introduced me to Dorie Greenspan and French Fridays with Dorie.  Each week a group of bloggers make the same recipe from Around My French Table and talk about it.  I love cooking challenges and I love reading how other people approach to recipes.  Unfortunately my book didn’t arrive until late Wednesday last week so I’m a bit behind on cooking and blogging.

The version of this recipe that most other people made (everybody I think) includes leeks and carrots which I didn’t have at home.  I did however have some beautiful Campari Tomatos.  One thing I really like about this cookbook is that each recipe comes with a story and typically an idea of how to vary it.  It’s a blogger’s dream.   Dorie explains that the recipe in her book is a riff on the more traditional tomato version so I decided to improvise instead of going to the store.   I’m so glad I did! The tart is so good even Bill, my tomato hating husband, loved it!

The recipe for the crust is nearly foolproof.  I actually made my dough on Thursday morning thinking I would be able to make the tart after work.  That didn’t happen.   In the instructions Dorie mentioned that it could be refrigerated for up to 5 days which is a great tip because you could make a batch of dough on Sunday and be able to make a fresh tart during the week by just rolling it out.  I was concerned that the dough would be too hard to work after being refrigerated for so long but with a little muscle it went very easily. (one note about rolling the dough, this is not the time to multi task, it warms and becomes sticky really fast)  It would be a great dough to have on hand!

This is my tart dough rolled out and ready to chill before blind baking it.

After blind baking I decided to improvise a little and put some Gruyere cheese in the tart (who doesn’t love cheese?)  I hope Dorie doesn’t mind!

Assembled and into the oven (That’s a cast Iron Pan and Pizza stone in the oven.  I leave them there all the time.)  I’m sorry that the photo is a little blurry.  I didn’t realize it was until it was too late (As in I was writing the post)

My tart pan is not the kind you can take the tart out of, nor is it the right size so my tart was a little thinner than perhaps it should have been, but it was devoured none the less.  I have since purchased a proper tart pan and intend to make a new version of this recipe with leeks and potatoes.  I think it will be delicious!  I can see putting many flavors in this tart the basic recipe is versatile.

You may have noticed Remy in my photo, he always cooks with me.  As Remy says, “Every Great Meal Starts with a First Ingredient”

Bon Appetite!

8 Responses to “French Fridays with Dorie: Gérard’s Mustard Tart”

  1. Yum! I love that you did the tomato version and I don’t think that Dorie would mind at all! I can’t wait to make this one, now I made the pastry once, it’s less scary!

  2. I mean – I don’t think Dorie would mind the additional cheese at all!

  3. Thank you — I didn’t think she would. That’s what I love, she encourages cooking not following recipes. I know YOU know the difference!

  4. Looks beautiful! And you can never go wrong with more cheese, especially gruyere baked into tarts, I think. Remy is sweet!

  5. Thanks K — I drive my husband nuts with him. He talks and dances. I’m a perpetual 7 year old trapped in an aging body!

  6. […] I relied on Dories short crust recipe for the tart, the same recipe I used for the base of Gerard’s Mustard Tart from last month’s challenge.  I broke out the mandolin, which always makes Bill nervous, and […]

  7. This tart look exquisite! Thank you so much for sharing it! Luna

  8. I wish I could take credit, but try it!

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