Oct 16

I am a soup girl.  I eat soup every day.  My middle name could easily be soup (but that would be weird wouldn’t it?)  So I was thrilled to see that this week’s recipe for French Friday’s with Dorie was ……  soup!  Spicy Vietnamese Chicken soup to be clear.

As a lover of soup, I don’t buy into the concept of using canned stock.  So on Monday I made my own stock using my new induction burner which I”ll write up later but I can sum up the review “LOVE IT!!!”  Then as always, life happened and I didn’t actually make the soup until last night.  I’m a little sad to report that this recipe is not for me.  I think if I’d left the coconut milk out and made something closer to a traditional Pho I would have loved it.  The spices are delightful.  I may have used too much fish sauce for my taste, but I really think the coconut milk killed it for me.  I didn’t hate it, I just didn’t love it the way I thought I would.   That said, I sent a bowl over to my friend who agreed to be my taste tester and she loved it.

Even though I am not in love with the soup itself, I am still in love with Dorie.  The recipe was very easy to follow, she gave ideas for variations.  I will say this every week (unless sweet potatoes make the mix then I won’t play)  but I love this book.  Just love it!

So my first surprise was my reaction to my soup.  My second surprise was my wine tonight.   A while ago the very nice people at Wine Chateau contacted me and asked if they sent me a bottle of wine would I be willing to review it.  Who in their right mind says no to such an offer?  Not me that’s for sure.  I told them I am primarily a red wine drinker and that I was looking forward to making a lamb dish.  Could they send me something that would pair nicely?  Imagine my surprise when this arrived:

PINK WINE!!!  Yes I know it’s not called “pink,”  I recognize that it is a rose.  It’s also not that awful white zinfandel that I believe is primarily consumed by college students and trailer parks (yes, I can indeed be opinionated!).  It’s a 2007 Wild Rock Vin Gris. It’s made from Pinot Noir grapes.  I know all this, but still I sat the bottle on the table and played a game of stare-down with the wine.  What a twerp I was.  I was thinking about this recipe and I sent an email to my friend Al at Wine Chateau an email with the basics of the recipe asking if he thought it would be a good pairing.  He said yes, and so … I bit the bullet thinking that I was going to have great food and have to struggle through a wine review.

I can’t tell you how wrong I was.  Yes it was pink, yes it had a screw top and yes, I was very timid about approaching it.  When someone sends you a product to review you want to write good things and all appearances made me think I wasn’t going to like it.   (By the way, if I hate something I just contact the person who asked me to review it and let them know but I can’t slam products online.  I think it’s wrong).  The wine is dry and light.  It has great Pinot Noir flavor but is crisp a when you drink it.

Buying wine online may seem like a gamble, but the folks at Wine Chateau have been friendly and responsive.  They shared their knowledge with me and didn’t even back off when the “wine expert” asked what temperature to serve the wine at.  While you can’t use an online purveyor for a last-minute purchase  you can get great service.  What’s less intimidating than sending an email asking for wine advice?  I would absolutely go to them again.  And …. the Wild Rock Vin Gris is on sale for under $7 per bottle.  Try them — I hope you have a great experience!

Next week …. Hachis Parmentier!

4 Responses to “French Friday’s With Dorie – Vietnamese Chicken Soup”

  1. I love the book too and I thought the soup was fab. Sorry you didn’t like it but glad you are still going to play along!

  2. As I said, sorry it wasn’t your favorite, but the wine looks great to tide you over:) .
    -K @saffronandhoney

  3. I had fun making it! That’s all that counts!

  4. it would be impossible to love every recipe in the book, but I do love this book. Thanks to you for helping me find this group!

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