Nov 28
Being Thankful
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I’m trying really hard this year to focus on what I’m Thankful for instead of what irritates me.  For some reason, it seems to be hard work to me.  It’s much easier to get frustrated at the “jerk” driving in front of me than it is to remember that I’m in the seven percent of the world’s population that has a car and the privilege of being behind that “jerk.” I should be grateful, not angry.  Not to mention that the frustration only serves to dampen my day while the other driver is blissfully ignorant of my rant and continues along without a care in the world.

So as I wind up my Thanksgiving weekend I thought I’d share some things:

I’m thankful for my husband who supports me and my blogging habit!

I’m thankful that our son wants to do well and isn’t one of those kids that get arrested.

I’m thankful for other bloggers who share their knowledge and help me learn.

I’m thankful that my job has allowed me to travel and taste food from all over the world (YAY PARIS!)

I’m thankful that anybody bothers to read what I have to say let alone comment!

I’m thankful that I feel loved and respected.

That’s it.  The list is much longer, but It felt very nice to share some of the things that make me happy.  Please post a comment about what makes you thankful!

Happy Holidays!

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  1. I’m thankful to have the luxury of so much food to cook with. So many don’t have any at all, yet we love and are able to cook it, eat and blog about it. We’re all so fortunate

  2. Absolutely! Not sure how I could have missed that one. Thank you!

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