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Martin Codax 2009 Rias Baixas Albarino
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This Thanksgiving I was thankful to have a  2009 bottle of Martín Códax Rías Biaxas Albarioño supplied by winemaker Katia Alvarez.    What better to inspire a mood of appreciation than free wine?

I was excited to accept the offer to review this wine because I already adore wines from Spain and frankly, I’m thrilled to encounter and support  female winemakers.  GIRL POWER!  If you aren’t familiar with Spanish Wines, you should investigate them.  I’ve found excellent Spanish wine at a much better value than better-known regions.

It wasn’t too long ago that Sherry was the only wine from Spain that most people in the United States would recognize.  Those days are long gone.  Today, most wine drinkers are familiar with Rioja and Cava as popular Spanish varietals and others are on the rise.  Albariño is a crisp and light white wine, typically high acid and best consumed young.  (Saying this always reminds me of my father joking about how he “hated aged wines, don’t give me that old crap, give me the fresh stuff!).  The Martín Códax wine

I served this wine as I always do, without reading the tasting, notes because I like to decide what I think it tastes like before being influenced by the tasting notes.  Typically when I smell a wine I think “it smells like wine.”  (I know, not very impressive)  But maybe because I was showing off for my parents; or maybe because my nose is getting better; this time I smelled citrus and pineapple.  The wine tasted exactly like I thought it would, crisp light and palate cleansing.

As I mentioned we had it with our Thanksgiving dinner.  I’m traditional, we had turkey, cornbread sage stuffing, mashed potatoes and cauliflower.  The wine was nice with dinner; but I enjoyed it more after dinner, when it had warmed a little.  It’s a very drinkable wine, dry but not sour (as some whites can be).  The price point for this wine is a value at $15 per bottle.  I wish I was writing this in May or June because this is a great “sit on the patio and sip” kind of wine.  I ended up with a little left over and used it to deglaze the pan for a chicken dish on Friday.  It was the perfect flavor addition and reduced well (meaning it was still tasty, sometimes I reduce a wine and am very unimpressed).

Bottom line – I’d take this wine to a friend’s house for dinner and I’ll add it to my “cellar”.  I hope you enjoy it as well!


(Disclaimer, this wine was supplied by the winemaker.  In case you wonder why you never see me write a bad wine review, it’s my personal philosophy not to write negative reviews.  When I receive review samples I don’t like, I reply privately to the sender and explain my experience. )

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  1. I love that you listed some of the things you are thankful for! But it’s still okay to be annoyed at jerky people, even this time of year 😉

  2. Thanks! That’s true, but I’d like to spend more time being thankful!

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