Nov 29
To Sum it All Up!
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I (as you probably are too) am an advocate of cooking at home using the least processed ingredients possible.  I am not 100% organic, but I try.   Except for the rare indulgence (the blue box mac and cheese that reminds me of college) I don’t eat pre-packaged foods.

In the United States since the invention of convenience food in the 1950’s we’ve become addicted if you will to pre-made food.  We don’t focus on quality, we focus on speed and volume.  If you can buy a 9 inch pie for $3.00 at the bakery why not buy the 18 inch pie at Costco for $3.50, never-mind that five people have no business having a 16 inch pie to themselves.  We no longer even bother to set our microwaves!  We are so lazy we use buttons labeled “soup,” “popcorn,” “baked potato,” or my favorite “sauce.”   Exactly how does my microwave know what kind of sauce I have and how I want it heated?

Freezer items don’t push quality as the first attribute, it’s speed of cooking time followed by how many you can buy for $4.  There’s a shelf-stable, microwaveable, lunch pasta product on the market that dares to use the word “Fresh” in the title.  Exactly what is “fresh” about canned sauce with canned meat in it (which is probably pretty close to cat food in quality).

We wonder why obesity is an epidemic when our grandmothers cooked everything they could in bacon fat while drinking like fish.  Yes it’s because we sit in cars and at desks more than we stand up.  Yes, it’s because we have to go get on a machine to walk because we are so lazy.  But it’s primarily because we don’t’ cook.  We are a nation of fat malnourished people. Roughly 35% of Americans are obese, 60% are overweight and 95% are malnourished.

This is caused by the garbage we put in our bodies; fast food, gummy fruit flavored “healthy” snacks; vitamin enriched water and mass farmed produce.  How did I start this rant you may wonder?  It all started with an article about Paris Chefs cooking in the subway because they want more Parisians to cook 4 star at home.  We can’t even get people to roast a chicken on Sunday.  How sad is that?

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