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Happy Fourth of July America
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It’s the fourth of July and I am as sick of BBQ specials on Food Network now as I will be of seeing Turkey and dressing in November.

Don’t get me wrong, I love BBQ, I love Turkey and dressing.  I just get a little overwhelmed when the entire food community rallies around one style of food or ingredient for weeks on end.  Yesterday Bobby Flay was making a smoked brisket on my TV as I was milling around the house getting ready to go shopping, even though I always do most of my shopping online, using coupons for this from the CouponsCollector site, so I can get the better offers on my products.  I was nothing short of irritated.  Who decided that it’s July 4th and therefore we will BBQ (or grilled meats for you purists)?  There are so many foods that typify America (sorry Canada, I know I should say “The United States” but it just didn’t work in this context).  How did BBQ become the symbol of July 4 and Fathers Day?  It’s almost as if you are not celebrating if you eat food that was not grilled.

This year we decided on a better plan for our food celebration of our nation’s holiday; we ate internationally.  I kicked off our long weekend with the best beef bourguignon I’ve ever made (Viva la France! And thank you for the Statue of Liberty).  The next night I embraced local St. Louis tradition by serving a pork steak* rubbed with Rendevzous Dry Rub along with a grilled Portobello mushroom marinated in Italian dressing and home-made potato salad (pretty traditional Americana).

*Pork steak is cut from the shoulder of the pork just like a butt roast, but it’s sliced to about an inch thick and cooks up nicely on the grill some people choose to marinate and slow cook them but we grilled it just like a beef-steak and it was the bomb.

Yesterday afternoon I made a plate of baguettes, French Brie, fresh figs, prosciutto & mortadella  (from our local butcher shop Valenti’s) that we enjoyed with a locally brewed IPA.

Last night we celebrated the holiday by going to a local Mexican restaurant (Ole!).  While we picked Mexican food last; within a few minutes of our house we could have selected Chinese, French, Thai, Sushi, Polish, German, Italian and of course, smoke house BBQ.  That’s my take on what’s great in this country.  You don’t have to be French to make beautiful  macrons — you just have to love and respect the food (My macaron link takes you to Eat Live Travel Write by Mardi who is is an Australian blogger who lived in and loves Paris and now calls Toronto home — LOVE IT).  In the United States we are fortunate enough to have access to almost any food ingredient known to man.  Even produce that we can’t grow here.  To this eater/writer, that is cause for celebration!

That said, It is my sincere hope that the weather will cooperate and I can go to our small town festival and eat some BBQ, Corn Dogs, Funnel Cakes and perhaps enjoy a beer or two!

Happy Forth of July!  Be safe!

P.S.  I’m not compensated by Rendezvous or Valenti’s.  I just like to share my favorites with others.

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