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I’ve been cooking my entire life, but after Gastric Bypass Surgery I took an interest in really learning to cook. Not follow a published recipe, but to cook from the heart. My cooking adventures have nothing to do with my surgery these recipes are NOT intended for RNY patients (for those interested I had a DS from Dr. John Rabkin in San Francisco and it changed my life).

I started learning about cooking by watching the Food Network. If you are just getting started it’s a great resource because they demonstrate the techniques that will take you beyond recipes. I’ve graduated from the food network now it’s my monthly subscriptions to 4 food magazines, my CIA text book, On Food and Cooking by McGee and countless cookbooks that inspire me. (However I am still secretly buying Rachel Ray Magazine at the grocery store). My husband would tell you I’m just this side (or perhaps I’ve crossed the line) of insane about food and cooking.

I cook because for me it’s not just about nutrition, it’s about creating the flavors I crave and not simply accepting under spiced, over salted fatted up restaurant versions of a dish. And I cook because it’s just me and the food — so it’s relaxing. Cooking is love, it’s a great way to bring people together and to care for your friends and family in a very personal way. Oh yeah, I also cook because I can sneak in early wine and sample the food along the way! Come cook with me, I’m a nut!

After writing this I am thinking you may be wondering why I am the “Whineaux” since I didn’t mention wine once as my passion. In truth it’s for the amusement of the name we came up with. I’m a wine drinker, not an expert. But I am working on furthering my wine education and expanding my pallet as I tend to confine myself to a handful of comfortable wines. I suggest some wines but if you have other thoughts please put them in the comments, I would love to hear your thoughts.

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  1. Holy cripe… I just read your entry at the end of my current issue of Mutineer… 10 Things Restaurants Need to Get Right… I feel like making copies of it and go around passing it out to every restaurant we go to… I’ve never read something so damn true about eating out (or more to the point, drinking out). I’m a good friend of JJ Bagley’s… so tell him I said “hello” and you all keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks so much! It felt good to get it off my chest. I’m glad I could say what many of us were thinking!

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