Sep 14
Mexican Fiesta!
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Bill’s son Tyler turned 18 last month.  To celebrate I asked him what he wanted for dinner — Mexican!!!! I invited his girlfriend & my parents over and cooked up a storm.  I got so darn excited about eating dinner that I forgot to take any pictures.  The Menu: Jalepeno Roasted Chicken Chili and Cheese […]

Oct 12

First and foremost before anyone thinks I have developed mad food photography skills, this picture is lifted — or borrowed from Williams Sonoma.  I feel fine about this because it links back to their Steak au Poivre Sauce. Williams Sonoma has been offering free cooking classes every Sunday.  I went to a couple of them […]

Sep 22

There are as many recipes for Boeuf Daube as there are for meatloaf.  This is comfort food at it’s best.  All the flavors meld together the meat melts in your mouth and the noodles absorb the sauce.   I looked at several French Cookbooks and took elements from many of them to create my version of […]

Mar 7

Spring is in the air. Most of the cooking magazines have moved well past braises and are into light vegetarian meals, pasta, or roasted spring lamb. I am just not there yet. This is the time of year I hang onto my winter recipes like a drug addict hanging onto a fix. My favorite meal […]

Mar 3

I’m back in the kitchen today – well, actually I’ve been back in the kitchen all week trying to recover from the disappointment of the pork chop. One of my friends is in the hospital in pretty tough shape following emergency heart surgery. I wish I was one of those people who always says exactly […]