Jun 7

If you’ve been with me from the beginning (oh so long ago — February); then you’ve already read my first post about how I spent the entire day looking forward to a meal only to disappoint myself with a kitchen disaster.  While I’m happy to say this adventure turned out much better; it did not […]

May 23

If there’s one thing I’m obvious about it’s my love for French food.  So a couple weeks ago when I arrived in Paris, my very first destination was a classic bistro.  My only requirement was that it be on the way to the catacombs which I was on a mission to see having been interrupted […]

Mar 17

Chicken and Rice — The ultimate comfort food. I’m still on my quest to design menus that will keep our food bill under $100 per week. I’m doing pretty good though we did have a Rib Eye splurge that was $16 in meat paired with $1.00 worth of peas, I still think we came in […]

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