Mar 8

For years my knife skills have been a point of insecurity.  If you watch enough cooking shows, you too may share my issue.  I have bought DVDs, books and eagerly gone to demonstrations.  I had a friend who is a CIA graduate spend some time with me trying to show me how to use my […]

Feb 11

Content Courtesy of the Food Channel. I don’t make it a habit to reprint content from other sources, but today I’m making an exception.  I received a press release from the Food Channel that I thought was perfect in time for Valentines day.  We are focused on making chocolate desserts, giving chocolate candy, setting a […]

Jan 1
The Wineaux Looks at Wine in 2010
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I am absolutely thrilled that I was asked to guest blog for Sacre Bleu.  Even more excited that Ashley asked me to predict wine in 2010.  Wanna see what I said?  Whineux Forsees our 2010 Wine Moments.

Dec 31

Gazing into my Crystal Ball, I thought I would share my top 10 food predictions for 2010 in no particular order. 1.  Latin favors will reign supreme. I don’t think this one is a stunner to anyone.  Rick Bayless and others are driving a Latin flavor revolution not to mention that the Latin population is […]

Dec 29

Every year I make goodies for Christmas to hand out to close friends.  This year my goody tins contained four treats: Butter Tarts Praline Cookies Butterscotch Sticky Buns Amaretti Cookies Each recipe holds special meaning to me; the Butter Tarts are a recent memory of teaching my stepson Tyler to bake; the Praline Cookies are […]

Nov 17

When I go to a foreign city, especially Paris or Rome — I walk around with a map in hand and a vague idea of where I am.  I think it’s the best way to experience the city.  Today — I did that in the Latin Quarter in Paris.  My primary destination was the Conciergierie […]

Nov 12

Apparently, if you are a teenager, yes. Before Tyler (17) moved in with us he told me he wanted to cook his “special” burgers for Bill and I.  We had extensive conversations about how much he liked making burgers.  Being new to the stepmom thing and especially new to the teenage boy thing.  I decided […]

Nov 8

A couple weeks ago I received an announcement for the new Silver Spoon Pasta cookbook.  The pitch: The Silver Spoon, THE SILVER SPOON: PASTA (Phaidon Press; October 12, 2009; $39.95 hardcover) presents a collection of more than 350 authentic and definitive pasta recipes for all fans of this tasty Italian staple. Whereas The Encyclopedia of […]

Oct 27

I have  a love-hate relationship with Thanksgiving.  I love to cook, I love to entertain and I love to eat.  Every year I look forward to Thanksgiving with high anticipation and every year by 4:00 on Thanksgiving day I’m in bed cuddled up with a bottle of wine and a bad attitude saying “I will […]

Oct 26

I briefly considered demanding to be called “Legendary Chef Whineaux”  but that doesn’t roll off the tongue very well, so I can live with “Chef Whineaux.”  However I prefer you refrain from using tones of mockery when you address me. This weekend I completed an insurmountable task.  I achieved a perfect score on all 35 […]

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