Oct 24

Last night we decided to go to the Portabello Yacht Club in Downtown Disney for dinner. Here’s the abridged review — save your money.  We had a great appetizer (Arancini, but to dumb it down for the tourist crowd it was called mozzarella rice balls) I had a nice bowl of house made Italian Wedding […]

Oct 19

Inspired by “Just Making Noise”; I decided to enter Foodie Fights.  I knew what I was getting into because for her challenge (which she won!) she had to pair coconut and black beans (Bizarre Love Triangle Brownies – Click for Recipe) talk about requiring creativity! I signed up and was picked! I received the email […]

Sep 15

I haven’t written in so long — I’ve been cooking and eating but I haven’t had time to write and I keep forgetting to take pictures when I cook.  UGH!  So instead of a recipe today I want to share my surprise trip to Chelesea Market. Last week I was in New London, Connecticut shooting […]

Jul 17

I am compelled to shoot off a quick post because I’m so shocked that this is news. I just read an article about Energy Bars not being real food. I believe I’ve said this in the past. Does anybody else remember watching Willy Wonka and thinking the concept of dinner in a ball of gum […]

Jun 5

I always learn something when I read bon appetit magazine and the June 2009 issue was no exception.  There’s an article written by Daniel Duane on “The Terrific 10” on foods and their health benefits. Next time you are at a cocktail party you can spirng this little bit of knowledge, buckwheat is actually not […]

Feb 26

Yesterday, full of inspiration, hope, and the aroma of my kick-ass (there’s really no other way to say it) Ropa Vieja I decided to start a blog. I’ve been reading lots of blogs and felt I too could inspire and perhaps even help those learning to cook at home. And if not that, maybe I […]

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