Nov 30

November was a whirl wind month.  I managed to cook along with my French Friday’s with Dorie friends but I didn’t manage to post anything.  I had a bit of vacation time around Thanksgiving and I’ve stocked up some posts. In November I made the potato gratin (pp. 360 – 361) the roast chicken for […]

Oct 16

I am a soup girl.  I eat soup every day.  My middle name could easily be soup (but that would be weird wouldn’t it?)  So I was thrilled to see that this week’s recipe for French Friday’s with Dorie was ……  soup!  Spicy Vietnamese Chicken soup to be clear. As a lover of soup, I […]

Oct 11

I know I’ve been on a Mexican food bender lately, but French food will always be my first love.  I’m so happy I make it a point to read my friend Mardi’s blog Eat. Live. Travel Write, because she introduced me to Dorie Greenspan and French Fridays with Dorie.  Each week a group of bloggers […]

Mar 11

If you are coming to my house for dinner, I have one bit of advice; come hungry.  Especially right now as I’m playing with my MATOFC (Mastering the Art of French Cooking) trying to satisfy my yearning to go back to France when my financial reality does not include a ticket. Recently we had friends […]

Nov 17

When I go to a foreign city, especially Paris or Rome — I walk around with a map in hand and a vague idea of where I am.  I think it’s the best way to experience the city.  Today — I did that in the Latin Quarter in Paris.  My primary destination was the Conciergierie […]

Nov 11

About two years ago I was in the Le Creuset outlet with my family looking at this exact Swissmar Raclette with the granite top and seriously pondering purchasing it.  I remember it being priced at close to $200 and it was right after Christmas so even though I wanted it, I was hemming and hawing.  […]

Oct 12

First and foremost before anyone thinks I have developed mad food photography skills, this picture is lifted — or borrowed from Williams Sonoma.  I feel fine about this because it links back to their Steak au Poivre Sauce. Williams Sonoma has been offering free cooking classes every Sunday.  I went to a couple of them […]

Sep 22

There are as many recipes for Boeuf Daube as there are for meatloaf.  This is comfort food at it’s best.  All the flavors meld together the meat melts in your mouth and the noodles absorb the sauce.   I looked at several French Cookbooks and took elements from many of them to create my version of […]

Sep 21

Ahh, fall is in the air and the hearty soups that go with it are back on the menu!  (you’d think I’m writing from Vermont, not Florida where it was 93 degrees yesterday!) In our case, we have to lower the air conditioner to experience fall.  True, we miss out on the turning of the […]

Jul 3

As a reminder, I’m cooking my way through Linda Dannenberg’s Paris Bistro Cooking, other posts are listed under the category “Paris Bistro Dining Quest.” One of the things that draws me to Paris Bistros is their history.  In the United States the failure rate of new restaurants is stunning — I’ve read everything from 60 […]

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