Jun 18

:Sigh: I am writing tonight with a stunning lack of inspiration.  Had I not committed to cooking my way through the Paris  Bistro cookbook I wouldn’t even write this entry.  But I did commit — and if my first post was about a ruined dinner then I can certainly write about an uninspiring meal. This […]

Jun 12

Paris Bistro Cooking – Mission #1 – Coq au Vin As I prepared dinner and plated it; I realized why I haven’t seen a lot of pictures of coq au vin in cookbooks; the entire dish turns the same shade of purple.  For what it’s worth, I promise it tasted much much better than it photographed.  […]

Jun 9

I picked up a copy of Linda Dannenberg’s Paris Bistro Cooking at CDG airport on the way home from my most recent trip to Paris.  The book is a beautiful coffee table book with gorgeous photos and loving descriptions of Paris Bistros and their history.  It also includes their signature recipes. I’ve decided that I’m […]

Jun 7

If you’ve been with me from the beginning (oh so long ago — February); then you’ve already read my first post about how I spent the entire day looking forward to a meal only to disappoint myself with a kitchen disaster.  While I’m happy to say this adventure turned out much better; it did not […]

Jun 1

  I know I still owe you a review of my trip to France, and I still plan to write it, but first I wanted to write a quick review of a restaurant that recently opened in Celebration; Jean Pierre Signature French Bakery Delicatessen 17 Blake Blvd. Water Tower Plaza Celebration FL 34747 (321) 939-7588 […]

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