Dec 18

On a unusual solo trip to the grocery store, I found a rarity (rare that is for my Kissimme Florida”mega-mart” chain that caters to tourists more than locals); real pancetta! Pancetta is an Italian version of bacon. Made from pork belly, pancetta is salt cured but not smoked like most American bacon.  It has a […]

Nov 8

A couple weeks ago I received an announcement for the new Silver Spoon Pasta cookbook.  The pitch: The Silver Spoon, THE SILVER SPOON: PASTA (Phaidon Press; October 12, 2009; $39.95 hardcover) presents a collection of more than 350 authentic and definitive pasta recipes for all fans of this tasty Italian staple. Whereas The Encyclopedia of […]

Aug 5

I am so behind on my blogging because of the wine bloggers conference and a very packed work schedule which pays the bills so I can write!  I apologize for the long delay between posts… I have so many things I want to report from the Wine Bloggers Conference, that will for certain be another […]

Jul 12

I’ve  been struggling with eating lately as  something was upsetting my stomach and I had to go back to the basics.  When my tummy decides not to cooperate with me I go back to soup, it always seems to work for me.  This process has taken about three weeks to figure out the problem.  I […]

Jul 2

This time of year my herb garden goes crazy thanks to lots of rain and lots of sun.  My Basil plants become a small forest if I don’t stay on top of them.  It seems like a terrible waste to  grow the herbs but not use them.  So — I decided to make pesto. What […]

Jun 24
The Wine Dinner
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As a whineaux, I have to be honest, I’m typically completely unimpressed by wine and food pairing classes and wine dinners. Yet somehow I’m also inexplicably drawn to them. No matter how much wine I taste (or guzzle) or how many “experts” I meet with I feel quite insecure about my palate which is perhaps […]

Apr 22

The Sauce This post is dedicated to Tony, a great cook and even better friend who shared his mother’s recipe and methods with me. Sauce, Gravy, Spaghetti Sauce, Red Sauce, Marinara call it anything you want, just please don’t buy it in a jar. In fact, please join the Society For the Elimination of Sauce […]