May 14

How can it be May?  I haven’t posted on my blog for six months.  I think that’s criminal.  I owe an explanation to anyone that was kind enough to read my blog regularly. My life turned upside-down in December.  Out of the blue, I found a job opportunity with a great company that is doing […]

Mar 12
Stage Left Cellars Spring Releases
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Hi Everyone – I’m not one to reprint press releases.  But I posted about my experience with Stage Left wines earlier this month.  Like my other favorite Artisan Family Wines — they are small, family run and produce quality wines.  You have to sign up to order from them, but it’s worth it! It’s been […]

Jul 15

SushiSamba is celebrating it’s 10th birthday on the Las Vegas Strip with “Muddle, Shake and Pour” the “Ultimate” cocktail competition. On Friday July 24 from 1 – 4 p.m. 20 contestants will compete and observers are welcome.  Looks like a fun event. The contestants will receive 10 standard bar ingredients plus one Leblon ingredient. Leblon […]

Jun 17
Another Reason to Cook at Home
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I just saw a blog post on Fridge Full of Food, “This may make you queasy” that reminded me that eating at home not only allows me to control seasoning and ingredient quality ensuring I eat what I want, but … it also means that I’m not consuming stupid calories. She has listed the calorie […]

Jun 9

I picked up a copy of Linda Dannenberg’s Paris Bistro Cooking at CDG airport on the way home from my most recent trip to Paris.  The book is a beautiful coffee table book with gorgeous photos and loving descriptions of Paris Bistros and their history.  It also includes their signature recipes. I’ve decided that I’m […]

Jun 5

I always learn something when I read bon appetit magazine and the June 2009 issue was no exception.  There’s an article written by Daniel Duane on “The Terrific 10” on foods and their health benefits. Next time you are at a cocktail party you can spirng this little bit of knowledge, buckwheat is actually not […]