Jul 17

I am compelled to shoot off a quick post because I’m so shocked that this is news. I just read an article about Energy Bars not being real food. I believe I’ve said this in the past. Does anybody else remember watching Willy Wonka and thinking the concept of dinner in a ball of gum […]

Jun 17
Another Reason to Cook at Home
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I just saw a blog post on Fridge Full of Food, “This may make you queasy” that reminded me that eating at home not only allows me to control seasoning and ingredient quality ensuring I eat what I want, but … it also means that I’m not consuming stupid calories. She has listed the calorie […]

Jun 5

I always learn something when I read bon appetit magazine and the June 2009 issue was no exception.  There’s an article written by Daniel Duane on “The Terrific 10” on foods and their health benefits. Next time you are at a cocktail party you can spirng this little bit of knowledge, buckwheat is actually not […]