May 14

How can it be May?  I haven’t posted on my blog for six months.  I think that’s criminal.  I owe an explanation to anyone that was kind enough to read my blog regularly. My life turned upside-down in December.  Out of the blue, I found a job opportunity with a great company that is doing […]

Mar 8

For years my knife skills have been a point of insecurity.  If you watch enough cooking shows, you too may share my issue.  I have bought DVDs, books and eagerly gone to demonstrations.  I had a friend who is a CIA graduate spend some time with me trying to show me how to use my […]

Mar 3

I bought this little dandy a couple weeks ago thinking I’d use it to make sauces in my non-stick pans.  It’s cute, heat resistant and safe on non-stick coating — what’s not to like?  After plunking down my $18 and it finally arriving in the mail I couldn’t wait to use it.  So I made […]

Dec 22
Cheese – A Holiday Lifesaver
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Tis the most wonderful time of they year …. And also the time when foodies like us get invited to every single potluck party in town because they know they can count on us for something good. After my rampant travels at Thanksgiving I have not been at 100% and simply can’t keep up with […]

Nov 11

About two years ago I was in the Le Creuset outlet with my family looking at this exact Swissmar Raclette with the granite top and seriously pondering purchasing it.  I remember it being priced at close to $200 and it was right after Christmas so even though I wanted it, I was hemming and hawing.  […]

Nov 8

A couple weeks ago I received an announcement for the new Silver Spoon Pasta cookbook.  The pitch: The Silver Spoon, THE SILVER SPOON: PASTA (Phaidon Press; October 12, 2009; $39.95 hardcover) presents a collection of more than 350 authentic and definitive pasta recipes for all fans of this tasty Italian staple. Whereas The Encyclopedia of […]

Sep 26
POURfect Product Review!
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About two weeks ago I received a set of 6 POURfect bowls, 12 POURfect measuring cups and a POURfect Scrape-a-bowl.  I love having lots of different sized bowls in the kitchen because I believe in the French philosophy of mise-en-place.  I prep and measure (when absolutely necessary) all my ingredients prior to turning on the […]