Jul 4
Happy Fourth of July America
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It’s the fourth of July and I am as sick of BBQ specials on Food Network now as I will be of seeing Turkey and dressing in November. Don’t get me wrong, I love BBQ, I love Turkey and dressing.  I just get a little overwhelmed when the entire food community rallies around one style […]

May 14

How can it be May?  I haven’t posted on my blog for six months.  I think that’s criminal.  I owe an explanation to anyone that was kind enough to read my blog regularly. My life turned upside-down in December.  Out of the blue, I found a job opportunity with a great company that is doing […]

Nov 29
To Sum it All Up!
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I (as you probably are too) am an advocate of cooking at home using the least processed ingredients possible.  I am not 100% organic, but I try.   Except for the rare indulgence (the blue box mac and cheese that reminds me of college) I don’t eat pre-packaged foods. In the United States since the […]

Sep 30
The Big Let Down (Kale)
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Luckily, It’s been a while since I had one of those meals that I looked forward to with great anticipation only to feel let down.  Because in this blog I promised to write about the good the bad and the ugly; I feel compelled to share this experience.  I think this was just the “boring.”  […]

Jul 17

I am compelled to shoot off a quick post because I’m so shocked that this is news. I just read an article about Energy Bars not being real food. I believe I’ve said this in the past. Does anybody else remember watching Willy Wonka and thinking the concept of dinner in a ball of gum […]

Jun 13

  Inspired by a post titled “10 Things a Chef won’t Tell you” I just read on Chef Gui’s blog; I thought I’d write an open letter to restaurant owners, there are things your customer isn’t telling you….  Do you care?  One caveat, all of this assumes that your kitchen is in order and your […]

Jun 5

I always learn something when I read bon appetit magazine and the June 2009 issue was no exception.  There’s an article written by Daniel Duane on “The Terrific 10” on foods and their health benefits. Next time you are at a cocktail party you can spirng this little bit of knowledge, buckwheat is actually not […]

Feb 26

Yesterday, full of inspiration, hope, and the aroma of my kick-ass (there’s really no other way to say it) Ropa Vieja I decided to start a blog. I’ve been reading lots of blogs and felt I too could inspire and perhaps even help those learning to cook at home. And if not that, maybe I […]