May 14

How can it be May?  I haven’t posted on my blog for six months.  I think that’s criminal.  I owe an explanation to anyone that was kind enough to read my blog regularly. My life turned upside-down in December.  Out of the blue, I found a job opportunity with a great company that is doing […]

Nov 28
Being Thankful
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I’m trying really hard this year to focus on what I’m Thankful for instead of what irritates me.  For some reason, it seems to be hard work to me.  It’s much easier to get frustrated at the “jerk” driving in front of me than it is to remember that I’m in the seven percent of […]

Oct 9

Meet Bernardo.  He’s 18 pounds of German attitude (he’s a dachshund) and an adorable member of our family.  A couple years ago you may remember there was an incident where tainted wheat that was used for dogfood ended up killing many pets.  So, I decided that if I eat local produce and fresh veggies he […]

Sep 14
Mexican Fiesta!
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Bill’s son Tyler turned 18 last month.  To celebrate I asked him what he wanted for dinner — Mexican!!!! I invited his girlfriend & my parents over and cooked up a storm.  I got so darn excited about eating dinner that I forgot to take any pictures.  The Menu: Jalepeno Roasted Chicken Chili and Cheese […]

Jul 30

A Mexican version of pesto using cilantro and pumpkin seeds topping a salad of tomato and queso blanco.

Jun 10
Opening a Wine Bottle With a Shoe
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We’ve all been there — great bottle of wine and no corkscrew.  If you wear dress shoes… no problem!

Jun 1

I am excited to enter the Kitchen Bootcamp Sauce Challenge with my authentic Mexican salsa recipe  for Salsa Verde which is also known as green sauce.  This sauce isn’t covered in the Professional Cook but my green sauce recipe is so simple and tasty I’m sure you’ll be making it for your family.  It’s similar […]

Mar 11

If you are coming to my house for dinner, I have one bit of advice; come hungry.  Especially right now as I’m playing with my MATOFC (Mastering the Art of French Cooking) trying to satisfy my yearning to go back to France when my financial reality does not include a ticket. Recently we had friends […]

Mar 8

For years my knife skills have been a point of insecurity.  If you watch enough cooking shows, you too may share my issue.  I have bought DVDs, books and eagerly gone to demonstrations.  I had a friend who is a CIA graduate spend some time with me trying to show me how to use my […]

Mar 3

I bought this little dandy a couple weeks ago thinking I’d use it to make sauces in my non-stick pans.  It’s cute, heat resistant and safe on non-stick coating — what’s not to like?  After plunking down my $18 and it finally arriving in the mail I couldn’t wait to use it.  So I made […]

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