Mar 1

I don’t “whine” on a rainy day, I wine, because they are days that God created so we would make time to enjoy good books and good wine.  In January I had a customer visit in Half Moon Bay which is on the Pacific Ocean about a 45 minute drive south of San Francisco.  It’s […]

Feb 27

I’ve been thinking that I love to shop but I can’t buy everything I want. So – I thought I would start to pass on cute or unique food and wine finds to my readers. I’m hoping to do this once a week. Please tell me if you love or hate this idea.  Want to […]

Jan 4
Are We Too Stupid to Cook?
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After making my food predictions for 2010 the January food magazines have started to fill my mailbox (OH HAPPY DAY).  Each issue has something that validates my 2010 predictions and my fellow bloggers are writing on the same issues. Michael Ruhlman has a great post on his blog today asking if Americans are too stupid […]

Dec 31

Gazing into my Crystal Ball, I thought I would share my top 10 food predictions for 2010 in no particular order. 1.  Latin favors will reign supreme. I don’t think this one is a stunner to anyone.  Rick Bayless and others are driving a Latin flavor revolution not to mention that the Latin population is […]

Dec 18

On a unusual solo trip to the grocery store, I found a rarity (rare that is for my Kissimme Florida”mega-mart” chain that caters to tourists more than locals); real pancetta! Pancetta is an Italian version of bacon. Made from pork belly, pancetta is salt cured but not smoked like most American bacon.  It has a […]

Dec 5

Ahh, the delicious picture perfect Raspberry Turnover fresh from the bakery.  Or in this case, three weeks old. A friend of mine bought the pastry as a treat for me and I put it in my tote bag to enjoy for breakfast the next morning.  Then I forgot about it. Two weeks later whilein Paris, […]

Nov 23

As a “journalist” I receive  a number of media pitches every day.  Lots of companies want media attention — and I am HAPPY to receive most of those pitches.  I spent 15 years in PR.  I know the business.  I know the rules.  I really try to be understanding and receptive.  I recognize that PR […]

Nov 18

My colleagues picked the restaurant tonight.  When I’m in Paris I want classic French food — ONLY classic French food.  They however picked an Italian restaurant run by people dedicated to their religion which meant they eliminated meat and pork from the menu.  (there were a few religions in play)  So — while it was […]

Nov 15
Leaving on a Jet Plane
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Hello There — I’m Paris bound.  I’m expecting a two week hiatus from the blog as the day I return, all of our Thanksgiving family company arrives. I’ll try to post, but if I don’t get the chance, Happy Thanksgiving! I’m Thankful for more than I can possibly write about, but among them: A husband […]

Nov 4
The $40 Tomato
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In August, which is late for this project, I was bitten by the bug to grow my own tomatoes.  I already have a lovely herb garden on my patio that is so productive I probably throw away $40 worth of fresh herbs a month keeping my plants trimmed.  But my space to grow food is […]

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