Nov 28

This Thanksgiving I was thankful to have a  2009 bottle of Martín Códax Rías Biaxas Albarioño supplied by winemaker Katia Alvarez.    What better to inspire a mood of appreciation than free wine? I was excited to accept the offer to review this wine because I already adore wines from Spain and frankly, I’m thrilled […]

Mar 12
Stage Left Cellars Spring Releases
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Hi Everyone – I’m not one to reprint press releases.  But I posted about my experience with Stage Left wines earlier this month.  Like my other favorite Artisan Family Wines — they are small, family run and produce quality wines.  You have to sign up to order from them, but it’s worth it! It’s been […]

Oct 14

Sigh.  I knew better when I bought it.  But it seemed like such a fun Halloween purchase.  I love holidays, I love kitsch and I love wine.  I was on a high.  I thought it would be a fun wine to take to friends’ houses when we go over for dinner, for this we want […]

Aug 30

There’s something special about food and wine that’s prepared by a person with passion. You can taste the energy that went into preparation. Typically you only find true passion in small operations. Big brands started small, but the only way they can grow big is to hire people that work for a paycheck. That doesn’t […]

Jul 20

If you follow me on Twitter, you know Thursday was that magical day that one of our wine club shipments arrived.  Included was the Rock Gate Merlot. Separately I had been craving BBQ chicken so Sunday we invited some friends over, I made antipasto salad, corn bread, BBQ chicken and then we had a chocolate […]

Jun 24
The Wine Dinner
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As a whineaux, I have to be honest, I’m typically completely unimpressed by wine and food pairing classes and wine dinners. Yet somehow I’m also inexplicably drawn to them. No matter how much wine I taste (or guzzle) or how many “experts” I meet with I feel quite insecure about my palate which is perhaps […]

Jun 3
The Question I Hate
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This may seem like an odd post coming from a whineaux but the question I hate most at a restaurant or dinner party is … can you pick a good wine for us. I feel like saying “maybe.” It’s not that I don’t know my way around the carte vin (wine list) and it’s not […]